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Variegatedplantshops Fills Our World With Colour Plants are the sign of love and life, they bring people together, inspire us and make us feel alive. And we've seen this to be true during pandemic times more than ever. That's why we've decided to continue with our grandpa's passion of putting together an inspirational collection of various variegated plants in early 1997 and now in 2020 we started variegatedplantshops and now online - to share the joy of plant parenting. We're pleased and grateful to have made more than 15,781 customers happy plant parents so far. We're proud to offer some of the rarest, most unique, happy, and healthy plants to our customers. We as a family personally know each plant. Like any proud parent, we take the time to talk to our plants and really understand their needs. Variegatedplantshops is a family operation and we do our best to run this small business in a 'greener way' by sourcing our plants from trusted, ethical sources, recycling packaging materials and using products that are made from recycled material, using homemade fertilizer (please don't be surprised if your expensive and rare plant comes with some crushed eggshell mixed in the soil). From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in growing and nurturing each plant before it reaches your home.


Plants bring people together.
We aim to put a beautiful and unique plant in every welcoming place and heart.

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