Philodendron Caramel Marble Variegated


Philodendron Caramel Marble Variegated/Philodendrin Caramel Marble Variegata

Leaves : 2

Upkeep :
Watering : Once in 2 days rely upon the dirt stickiness
Lighting : Medium Light
Treating : Once in a month with NPK, Gandasil, Osmocote, Manure or Compost.

*The plants we sell are as per the photos, and we are continuously refreshing the states of these plants.*

*Update the most recent conditions 14 September 2021*

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Notes :
1. Plants on the image is the one will be shipped off you, with the exception of we have more than 1 stocks. Will send you the genuine picture prior to sending it.
2. Phytosanitary Certificate remembered for the cost.
3. We recommend you to pick DHL Express to be show up quicker.

Pressing Media : Spaghnum greenery/Hydrogell

Because of nations guideline contrasts, a few nations DO clean or disinfect plants utilizing synthetic or doing radiator techniques. We DO NOT capable of the cleaning or cleansing techniques in your country that made plant showed up dead.
Assuming that the plant is shown up dead, we will really do discount 30% of the installment. If it’s not too much trouble, send us the image of evidence to guarantee it.

Kindly ensure your country’s guideline before purchase the plants.


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