Philodendron Giganteum Variegated + Phytosanitary


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1. Photographs are for reference as it were.
2.Leaves Fresh

The state of the plants to be sent new and sound!!

Transporting :
We use DHL Express. This is quickest transportation we can manage. Normally to United States requires 5 – 7 days and Outside US 5-10 days conveyance.

Discounted : We give plants to free up to half or reshipped
Secure installments : Your installment data is handled safely

There are a few stages to get ready for the shipment :

The initial step
Present a commodity grant as a condition for making a phytosanitary authentication

Second step
Research facility tests to check which plants are sent are truly solid

Third step
Making phytosanitary authentications and yet again checking by the plant quarantine organization, the service of farming

First class help :
Any inquiry? Our group is simply contact vender away! For some harm We can supplant dead plants, yet the transportation costs are borne by the beneficiary or you can purchase at least 1 plants and I will join the shipments. For harm brought about by the conveyance party taking excessively long, it is past our obligation!!!


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