US Seller Big leaf of Philodendron Florida Beauty


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You will get exact plants in the picture.

Philodendron Florida Beauty Ships with sphagnum moss. This plant is big more than my hand also so beautiful and healthy!!.

*Please provide with plenty humidity and indirect sunlight upon arrival. These have been in a greenhouse so will need some acclimation to regular cooler/drier air.*

*** TERMS:
I (the seller) am NOT liable for damage done to the plant by elongated delivery times, inclement weather, transit damage your plants, loss in transit or mishandling of packages by the carrier. I will ship the plant with utmost care, exactly as described and as shown in the listing. While I try my best to carefully package each plant, the buyer understands things may happen beyond the seller’s control during transit and that the buyer understands that the seller has no control over what happens to the plant after they are in the possession of the carrier. Please be aware that damages to the plant can occur during shipping. This may include browning/yellowing leaves, bent leaves and rot on the stem and/or aerial roots. These are live plants that do come with RISKS. There is absolutely no guarantee on them and I (the seller) will not be held responsible once the plant leaves my shop since I cannot control the shipping time, weather condition, shipping handling as well as growing parameters or environment of the plant. While a General Care Guide will be included in the package, it is the buyer’s responsibility to do their own research on how to properly take care of the plant that they are buying. All Plant purchases are FINAL. No refund. No Returns. No Exchange. No Replacements. By purchasing this plant, you agree to these terms.


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