ZZ Variegated Plant


ZZ Variegated plant, bought only 2 stem but now there’s new stem following the mother plant. Acclimated as indoor plant out of grow tent.

– all sales are final and non negotiable
– Shipping cost will be determined on the size and weight of the plants and it may vary based on your location
– pictures will always be updated
– will send photos on how to pack the plants before shipping
– once the plant get out of my hand, seller will NO longer responsible for shipping delays, damaged and loss of the package. No replacement at all.
– These will be shipped out bare root on moss via USPS express ir any other shipping provider. Will ship from Monday through Thursday (EXPRESS) if you preferred priority or normal delivery it’s ok but must agree on the disclosure re damaged, delay and loss of package
– encourage to buy full insurance if in case the plant encountered delays and loss in transit, insurance fees will be added to the price of the plant
– will not provide “heat packs” upon shipping on winter time, the origin of the plants are coming from NY that’s why encourage to ship it via Express or Next day delivery
– buyer must pick whatever shipping provider you like, either USPS, UPS or FedEx and the fees will be added to the price of the plant
– totally NO Return or Refund whatever happened upon shipping so think more than twice upon buying the plants. No refunds unless there is plant damage. (Loss of a leaf or two is normal during shipping and does not fall under plant damage catagory.) I am not responsible for USPS or any shipping provider related problems or weather related issues.
– If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a message or pm/dm



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